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Our revolutionary way to build without molds or bricks! This is the easiest and cheapest way to build a high performance, long lasting structure that utilizes recycled materials!



Our famous recipe for creating the perfect "crete" using 85% recycled material! We spent years perfecting the ratio so you can easily recreate it yourself to save big on every build!



Our perfected formula for self-healing waterproof stucco! If your stucco cracks, this mix repairs itself. We also teach color additives to give you a beautiful finish without paint!

We Make it as Easy as ABC

Stephen Williams - Lead Building Instructor
We have removed the barriers of entry for a new builder. Whether it is lack of experience, a tight budget, or physical limitations – virtually anyone will be able to build their dream with our help!
We know not everyone has experience working with tools or mixing cement. So our e-courses and workshops make sure that each person can understand the basics and have clear step-by-step visual guides, so they feel confident building!
We spent years testing every material we could to ensure that you get the maximum value at the lowest price! Our buildings are jaw-droppingly affordable without sacrificing on quality compared to standard buildings.




Our team of experts is always here to answer your questions and provide you with guidance and support throughout the building process.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will your courses be available for purchase?

We are currently filming high-quality step-by-step guides for the methods we have perfected and researching others! Our goal is to have the first ones ready by July 2023.

Can I purchase more than one course at the same time?

Absolutely! We encourage people to learn as much as they need to build their dream design.

Are there size limits on the custom homes I can build?

Using our materials and methods you can build a home of any size. Check with your local regulators if you are unsure about size requirements.

Do you offer utilities or interior finishing e-courses?

Not yet! We are developing an off-grid utility package to teach and recycled eco-friendly finishes course so you can install affordably.

Will the house I build be up to code for my city?

Every country, state, county, city, and even neighborhood can have its own unique regulations. These regulations should be a determining factor in where you choose to build. We are working on architectural plans and engineering stamps for our base models. We do everything we can on our end to assist you through consulting, but ultimately that decision will be made by your local government. The regulations are typically far less stringent if you intend to build in a rural area or use your building kit as a storage room, a greenhouse, or as a temporary structure. Make sure to contact your local building department to see how the codes apply.

Do you offer multi-language support?

We are working on it and it will be available soon!

Are these homes accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, all of our homes can be customized to meet ADA requirements.

Do you offer payment plans?

Not at this time. We are exploring potential options to do so in the future.

Are the materials healthy and good for the planet?

Absolutely! We recycle styrofoam in our cement; this is great for the planet because we divert directly from landfills, oceans, and waterways. When the styrofoam is locked into the wall behind the stucco and encased in cement there is virtually no measurable off-gassing.

Are the homes safe for severe weather?

Yes our designs are built to withstand most forms of severe weather. Our homes are designed for wind resistance, offer additional performance in earthquakes, and our self-healing cement coats are built to last for generations of natural wear.

Can the homes be placed underground?

Possibly. Our designs can support weight. In order to bury your home you need to do the excavation beforehand and discuss with an engineer to approve the plan.

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