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Abundance Building Concepts started in the mind of our founders as one question and one question only: How can technology be used to end unnecessary suffering in developing countries? While that question led to a bevy of new concepts and innovative products, we will never lose our focus to provide the opportunity for abundance to ALL people. That is why we started Abundance Building Concepts.

With increasing financial burdens comes an increase in stress and, more often than not, depression, violence, and exhaustion. Not abundance. Not peace. Not hope. We long to bring shalom, peace and harmony, to people worldwide who are currently struggling to pay the bills, buy their own home, or give their children an education. We envision that ABC will allow people in the tropics to depend on their home withstanding the next hurricane; people in the desert to have a needed reprieve from the harsh climate; students in impoverished communities to attend school in a comfortable, safe building. Abundance Building Concepts can be the answer so many people around the world are waiting for.

The beauty of Abundance is that your passion, your vision, your purchase can make a difference. ABC will donate 7% of every sale directly to housing charities, and we have a donation option if you’d like to give beyond that percentage. Humanitarian, religious, and non-profit organizations can partner with Abundance to fund an entire community build, whether locally or abroad. ABC will work with disaster-relief agencies to airdrop home kits following a natural disaster.

Every person seems to have their own unique vision for how Abundance can make an impact: homes for veterans, transitional housing, shelters for abuse victims, and countless other beneficiaries. I look forward to seeing entire communities in the third world impacted for generations because of Abundance. During my teenage years, I travelled yearly to the Dominican Republic with a humanitarian organization. I saw the community of Cielo develop into a haven for education, fellowship, jobs, and healthcare. (It’s only fitting that Cielo is Spanish for Heaven.) We helped build a school, a medical center, and a water purification plant. More important than that, the mission has achieved its founders’ goal of helping “children escape poverty through education” and has gone on to employ many of those children, so that they can continue the positive cycle of change in their community. Traveling to Cielo on short-term mission trips proved to me that a few people can ignite a lasting impact in their community, and that community can become a beacon of hope around the world.

Abundance can carry the torch alongside other humanitarian organizations. We can provide an affordable and durable solution to building infrastructure where it’s desperately needed which can facilitate generational wealth. We want to hear from our customers‒Where should Abundance build next? Do you know of a deserving family in need of a home? Has a disaster struck a community that hasn’t gotten much news coverage or aid? Help us bring abundance to all!