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What if every facet of your surroundings was geared towards abundance?… a world where people can thrive, live together in harmony with each other and with Nature. Neighbors working together for a common goal, living together common and healthy lives, sharing passions, way of living and vision of the world. Real owners of their space, time and lives. Sovereigns in the fulfillment of their fundamental needs: food, water, health, house, energy and Love. Living in Abundance instead of Scarcity, Bravery instead of Fear, Community instead of Isolation.

What would it feel like? 

Well, be prepared to find out!  This can now become a beautiful reality.

When pairing ABC’s efficient patent-pending inventions like our eco-friendly, affordable, DIY building kits with other state of the art sustainable energy kits (complete with water-from-air generation, energy from water recirculation, grey water recycling for irrigation, bio-digestor for biodegradable waste, recycling method for all else, and passive income through cryptocurrency mining) .. the dream is not a dream anymore. And when you top it off with permaculture techniques that aid in regeneration of the soil, watershed, plant and animal life, you can live in harmony with nature.

Abundance Building Concepts is bringing this future TODAY. Our first couple of completely sustainable communities are being built on two distinct and emblematic settings. One tempered in California, USA – named Abundance Calaveras where conditions for agriculture have been difficult due to lack of water and constant risk of wildfires. The other one, tropical, in Sucre State, Venezuela, named Villa Integral Ecovillage where living conditions are harsh due to the political and economic situation. These communities are designed to integrate the latest technologies in synergy with the natural resources that the land provides. Our success in these challenging environments will prove that our method will succeed anywhere!

The particular area where the California project is located, was severely burned by the Butte fire of 2015. Our plan integrates several permaculture techniques to help protect against future events, as well as, heal and regenerate the damaged area. There we will promote a no-till and easy to maintain gardening method called “Back to Eden” gardening. To reuse the trees felled by the fire we will put them through a woodchipper then apply them as a layer of wood chips to hold moisture in the garden. The farming plan is to produce enough additional produce to sell to the community. We will also host eco-rentals where you can enjoy a relaxing and educational vacation!

On the other hand, Venezuela’s project location has the intention of not just bringing the benefits of our concepts to the residents and visitors, but also the neighbors, farmer families with precarious houses and economies. Our contribution will allow us to provide them with tools to achieve a better and more prosperous future.  And the best part: they will build it themselves.

Be sure to join our email list and follow us on social media to see photos, videos, and updates concerning these community developments! Hopefully, you are inspired to build the community of your dreams and the abundant future you deserve!