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Technology As The Solution

Up until now, building an off-grid home felt like an impossibly time consuming, expensive, and grueling challenge. No longer! ABC has invented a home building system that dramatically cuts down on material costs, labor costs, and build time. Then we integrate all of the latest utility technologies to make off-grid living luxurious. Place your home anywhere you want to optimize your life; and at a starting price of half of the average tiny home, your new life will have no limits! Our homes are made from recycled materials, so you can feel great about your purchase knowing that you are helping the planet. Furthermore, we set aside a portion of all profits for charitable builds in impoverished communities around the world to combat systemic poverty and offer abundance to all!

Revolutionary Creative Technology

In the building world there is a common mindset: “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Meanwhile, building materials have not significantly changed in over 100 years. Yes, wood and nails still work—but the housing and mortgage markets are broken! We literally thought outside the box, to the foundation of building, and reinvented everything using natural geometry and modern technology. From our deep research, ABC finally created two efficiency and price optimized home models so that you can can escape the broken, unsustainable system, and live your freedom however you see fit!




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